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Tilt Owners Served Eviction Notice on East Burnside Spot

The long-awaited third location has now lost its lease.

The opening of Tilt's third location in the RJ Templeton building on East Burnside has hit a major snag. Willamette Week reports that the owners have been served with an eviction notice for failing to make payments. (Now we know why the owners haven't responded to our many emails over the past few weeks. We were starting to take it personally.)

It's a surprising turn of events. The Pearl District location of the "working-class" burgers-beer-and-pie chainlet is perennially packed. The original location on Swan Island has little competition. This third location has been in the works for a full year and was supposed to open last summer, which got pushed to fall, then early winter. Now things are looking quite a bit more iffy.

Neither side will talk. According to the Willamette Week article, Tilt owner Octavian Jurj was advised by his lawyer not to comment. And, of course, the lawyer for NFN Investments (the landlord) wouldn't comment either. The eviction notice says the lease has been terminated as of Feb. 7. We'll update this post with more details if we get them.