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Gonzo Food Cart Moving to SE Hawthorne

Just a few more weeks left for falafel sandwiches at Base Camp Brewing.

Gonzo food cart

Last fall it was time for Gonzo food cart, purveyor of some of Portland's favorite falafel sandwiches, hummus, and shawarma fries, to move on from its perch outside Base Camp Brewery. The year-long lease was up, but then owner Tal Caspi got a reprieve and the cart was able stick around six months longer.

But now those six months are up, and the move is official. Gonzo will relocate to SE 32nd and Hawthorne on March 1. This is the same mini-pod that's home to the Fried Egg I'm in Love cart. Caspi seems pretty stoked about the move, posting this on Gonzo's Facebook page: "Come say farewell to us at our current location, and get excited for great futures on Hawthorne!"

So what will be joining Koi Fusion and taking Gonzo's place at Base Camp? The brewery tells us that they're still finalizing the details, but they will have a new cart in place by the beginning of March.

Base Camp has a unique set-up with food carts. It offers year-long leases on two spots out front, and customers can order and pay for their food from inside the brewery. Or, if you don't feel like drinking, you can order from the cart and bring it inside. The leases are off-set, so there's a rotation every six months. Stay tuned for details.

Base Camp Brewing

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