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Hand-Blown Pint Glass with Mini Mt Hood Perfect for Beer Fussing

A micro mountain for your micro brew.

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North Drinkware

For all of us beer drinkers, mustachioed or not, who proudly fuss over our brews, there's a new pint glass in the works that will make all that sniffing and "dissecting" even more fun.

Portland-based North Drinkware just launched a Kickstarter to produce The Oregon Pint — hand-blown 16-ounce pint glasses with a mini Mt. Hood molded into the bottom. The mold was made by using United States Geological Survey (USGS) data, which includes all the ridges and canyons. One pint glass costs $35, and you can check out a prototype, made locally by Elements Glass, in person at MadeHere PDX in the Pearl. There are also topographical wood coasters made by local woodcrafter Shwood.

The mini mountain in the glass doesn't purport make your beer taste better or whatever. It's just art for art's sake — glasses as fussed over as the beers they were crafted to hold. According to the Kickstarter, "We made The Oregon Pint because we wanted a glass with a connection to the places where we live and play. We were seeking a glass that was crafted with the same skill, care and consideration as the beer we love to drink."