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Toro Bravo Adds Another Standing Tapas Bar

Stand and they'll deliver.

Courtesy of Little Green Pickle

That interminable wait for a table at Toro Bravo just got a little easier. John Gorham's Spanish restaurant recently added another standing bar adjacent to the entrance. Now there are two tall tables where you can stand and order a snack and a cocktail while you wait for a seat. Or, if you just want to eat some tasty food and move on, forgo the seat entirely and eat your entire meal there. The full menu is available at the standing bars and the food is served at "lightning speed."

"A standing tapas bar is really the true tapas experience," Gorham says. "The more time my crew and I spend in Spain, the more inspiration we bring home. ... I felt it was time to bring a little more of the true tapas experience to our 'unauthentic restaurant.' " 

The restaurant also raised the seating at the chefs counter in back to bar height, so diners can get a better view of the kitchen in action. Check it out:

Toro Bravo

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