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Portland's Hottest Collector's Item? OP Merch

T-shirts and hats with the original name are going fast.

Olympia Provisions

When Eater broke the news last week that Olympic Provisions, the little Portland charcuterie that could, was being forced by the Olympic Committee to change its name to Olympia Provisions, Portlanders' Facebook and Twitter feeds erupted with sentiments of anger and resentment.

But after the tears dried something funny happened: old OP merchandise with the original Olympic Provisions logo started selling like hotcakes. "It has been crazy!  I have never sold so much merchandise," says co-owner Michelle Cairo.

Apparently anything with the original Olympic Provisions logo is now a bona fide collector's item. The website and both restaurants sell four different T-shirt designs, plus a hat, and supplies are dwindling.

Olympia Provisions

107 Southeast Washington Street, , OR 97214 (503) 954-3663 Visit Website