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Matt Breslow of Grilled Cheese Grill is an Internet and TV Sensation

Watch out Grumpy Cat; you've got competition.

Courtesy of Matt Breslow

When Grilled Cheese Grill owner Matt Breslow and his older brother, Evan, decided to surprise their mom by recreating pictures from their childhood, neither one expected to end up being featured on Good Morning America. But that's exactly what happened this morning, as the photos have become a viral sensation.

The brothers spent hours scouring stores and the web for the perfect outfits, then took their mom to a Target photo studio in their home state of New Jersey so she could be there for the portraits, just like when they were kids. "We had done the original three back in September 2012," says Matt, "Then we just did the newest three last week when I went back to Jersey for a quick visit."

The photos are hilarious and sometimes slightly disturbing (where did they find shortalls in men's sizes?). Al Roker called them "genius," and even British newspaper The Daily Mail picked up the story, posting almost 10 photos on its website. "The attention these have gotten is beyond ridiculous," says Matt. "I just got a call from a producer on a Fox News show that wants to run a segment with the pics."

If the kid photos look a little familiar, Breslow says they've been plastered on the GCG school bus since it opened in 2009.