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Big Ass Sandwiches Finds New Home on SE Foster

And it has beer.


Come March, Lisa and Brian Wood will be bringing their Big Ass Sandwiches to the Foster-Powell neighborhood.

They were told last month that they'd have to vacate their current spot, in a little parking lot at 304 SE 2nd Ave. near Produce Row, by March 30 to make way for new development of the building.

But what seemed like bad news at the time could be a blessing in disguise. Their former spot had never become the late-night party spot it was promised to be, and the other carts had cleared out.

But at their new home in the Carts on Foster pod, they'll have the company of half-a-dozen or so other like-minded carts like The Angry Unicorn, the excitement of the area's growing food scene, and an indoor beer and cider garden called Pod Bar. "It's everything our current spot was supposed to be," says Lisa.

Carts may be mobile, but unless they're actual trucks moving them isn't cheap. The Woods are holding a raffle from now until Feb. 22 to help them raise funds to offset the cost. Tickets are $25 each or three for $60. You can enter at the cart or via PayPal.

  • Grand Prize: Two tickets to a 2015 Portland Timbers game, food and beer vouchers included and 2 Big-Ass Sandwiches t-shirts ($280 value).
  • Runner-up #1: Sandwiches and Brews! 10 Big-Ass Sandwiches (for the winner and 9 people of their choosing), 10 beers and a Big-Ass Sandwiches T-Shirt ($200 value).
  • Runner-up #2: A $40 gift certificate to Big-Ass Sandwiches and a Big-Ass Sandwiches T-shirt.
  • Runner-Up #3: A $30 gift certificate to Big-Ass Sandwiches.