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Hopstories Responds Awesomely to Bud's Anti-Craft Beer Ad

"Craft Beer, Proudly Brewed By People."

Beer drinkers across the country — and, really, all people who have functioning tastebuds — have been more than a little miffed at Anheuser-Busch's frat-boy-fist-bump of a Super Bowl ad making fun of craft beers and the people who drink them. Especially since the monopolizing behemoth keeps buying up our favorite independent breweries.

So Corvallis-based Hopstories, producer of videos that "tell the stories of the craft beer industry," responded with its own ad, making it clear that "craft" doesn't mean "fussy," and doesn't have anything to do with well-groomed mustaches. You'll find shots of local favorites like Breakside Brewing, and lots of inspiration to belly up to a bar today and raise a pint of local beer.

And if you want to see more, Hopstories' website features short videos on many of Oregon's favorite breweries, including Hair of the Dog, Pfriem, Breakside, Ex Novo and the Oregon Brew Crew.