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Watch Gregory Gourdet Lose it on a Spinning Acrobatic Airplane

You might want to take Dramamine first.

Part 1 of Top Chef's two-part finale airs tonight on Bravo at 9 p.m., and things are getting crazy intense. There are only three chefs left, and two of them are from Portland. Who's going to make the cut? Will Gregory Gourdet and Doug Adams survive until the end?

If you're already biting your nails in anticipation, you might need a little comic relief to get you through. To that end, we offer you this video of Gourdet taking an insane acrobatic airplane ride with a Red Bull Air Race pilot.

Kirby Chambliss, a two-time Red Bull Air Race world champion and five-time U.S. Aerobatic champion, took Gourdet on a crazy flight here in Oregon, in Chambliss' two-seater Edge 540 plane. There were rolls, there were spins and there was lots of screaming.

We asked Gourdet how he ended up upside-down in the cockpit of a plane. "My bestie Tia Vanich and I have a great relationship with Red Bull," he says. "After months of working on it she got them to get me on that plane! It was a birthday gift! I'm not scared of heights but as you can see it was just insane. The tricks and flips and being in something that thin so high up was nuts. I screamed the whole time!"

Yes, yes you did. And, well, we would have, too.

If insane flying tricks are your jam, you can watch Chambliss and other aerial maniacs in the 2015 Red Bull Air Race. The season-opening race will be in Abu Dhabi on February 13-14 and will air on FOX Sports 1, Monday, March 2 at 6 p.m. Pacific. The series continues with seven more races around the world, including two in the U.S. (Ft. Worth on September 26-27 and Las Vegas on October 17-18). All eight stops will air on FOX Sports 1.