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Fratelli Space Will Become Bellino Trattoria Siciliana This Spring

Renovations are underway on the prime Pearl District spot.

Way back in September we brought you news of the new Sicilian restaurant taking over the former Fratelli space in the Pearl. Now we have a few more details.

Chef/owner Francesco Inguaggiato, a native of Sicily, has named his forthcoming restaurant Bellino Trattoria Siciliana in homage to his mother, whose maiden name is Bellino. Inguaggiato recently relocated his family to Portland from Texas, where he owns two other Italian restaurants.

With the new trattoria he plans to focus almost exclusively on authentic Sicilian dishes, from classics like pasta con sarde (pasta with sardines) and involtini di melanzane (filled eggplant rolls), to small plates called assaggini. Expect fritters like arancini, crochette, and panelle (made with chickpeas). He's planning to have a full bar, plus a wine list heavy on Italian imports.

Renovations on the space are underway, and he's aiming to open by late March or April.