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Update: Reel M Inn Tavern's Liquor License is Suspended

...until further notice.

Rebecca Dru/Flickr

Last night, the lights were out at the Reel 'M' Inn bar, a neighborhood dive known for its fishing themed decor and fried chicken and jo-jos that are often ranked among the best in town. The OLCC has suspended its liquor license "until further notice." Sounds ominous, but the tavern taped an apologetic sign to the door saying they'll open "ASAP." We've reached out to the OLCC, but no word yet on what sparked the suspension and when it might be lifted. Stay tuned. and compliance specialist Susan Rudberg says, "Their Liquor Liability Insurance has lapsed and until they get it renewed they will be suspended per ORS 471.168." Sounds like an easy fix, and Portland won't be without that fried chicken for long.

Reel M Inn

2430 Southeast Division Street, , OR 97202 (503) 231-3880 Visit Website