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Leather Storrs and Kurt Huffman Coming to a Radio Near You

The two restaurateurs are launching a weekly show on KXL-FM dedicated to the Portland food scene.

Kurt Huffman, Chefstable's restaurant empire builder, and Leather Storrs, chef/owner of Noble Rot, have a lot in common: They're both verbose, opinionated, food industry insiders, longtime friends, and they're about to become radio talk show hosts.

The Oregonian reports the duo is teaming up to launch The Hot Line, a weekly hour-long radio show Saturday evenings on KXL-FM. The topic? Portland's food scene, of course. According to the radio station's description of the show, they'll interview chefs, critics, restaurateurs, and other food industry professionals from near and far who have opinions on the city's food scene. And they'll discuss "the week in reviews — a critique of that week's local food press." Listeners can call in or email with questions and comments.

Storrs in particular is known as a straight-shooter, so there's hope the show won't end up being a back-slapping love-fest among BFF chefs. In fact, the station promises "knock-down, drag-out radio." The fun starts tomorrow evening with Alan Richman, GQ magazine's boat-rocking food critic, with Andy Ricker on the schedule next week.

The Hot Line airs Saturdays at 6 p.m. on KXL, FM 101.1