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Taco Pedaler Putting Down Permanent Roots On NE Broadway

The taco-trike enterprise’s new spot seats just shy of 20, with room for another 20 outside when the weather warms.

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Since February of 2011, Melanie McClure and her friends and colleagues have been pedaling around town and preparing tacos from her fleet of flat-top trikes, and serving them to whomever feels like some on-the-go Mexican cuisine. Now she's set to put down permanent taco roots by fixing up and moving into the space most recently home to the shuttered Blue Nile Cafe.

McClure says she intends to keep her trike menu in tact (the empanada-like "dillas," and the chips and salsa are staying), but says she's expanding it to include extras like guacamole, quesadillas, seasonal soups and salads, and, of course, plenty of beer and spirits to wash it all down.

She says she's also toying with rice beer recipes for her beer-based dilla drunken sauce, so that every single item on the menu can be free of gluten.

If final inspections go her way, she plans to open Taco Pedaler's doors by mid-April.

Oh, and if you're sad to see her trikes go, don't be: McClure says she'll still have a team of taco mongers that will keep on rolling to a place near you.

Taco Pedaler, 2225 NE Broadway

Taco Pedaler

2225 Northeast Broadway, Portland, OR 97232, USA