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Red And Black Cafe Closes Its Doors For Good

After 15 years, the men and women who’ve shared the job of running it are calling it a day.

The collective that's run the Red and Black Cafe for the last 15 years announced yesterday on its Facebook page that they are closing their doors after a nearly 15-year run.

The cafe sometimes took some heat for refusing patronage of men and women they considered oppressors, but it was also a safe space for the marginalized and those who stood with them.

And even with the space's shuttering, the collective reached out one last time for a call to action. From their Facebook post:

Please, please continue to use your spaces and bodies and words for smashing patriarchy, racism, classism, and all the other oppressions that stand in the way of our happiness and safety. Stand up for each other and with each other. Call each other out and when you are called out, take responsibility for your actions and fix them! Organize with each other and while learning how to take care of yourselves and your communities.

Here's the whole post:

To Our Friends, Family and Community,The time has come announce that the small but mighty Red & Black Collective will...

Posted by Red and Black Cafe on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Red and Black Cafe

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