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Micah Camden & Co. Jump on the Fancy Hot Dog Trend with Hop Dog

Beer-braised hot dogs with international flavors.

Katie Poppe, Matt Lynch, and Micah Camden
Katie Poppe, Matt Lynch, and Micah Camden
Courtesy of Broussard Communications

Micah Camden and Katie Poppe have created an empire by supplying Portland with its most-craved foods: hamburgers and fries (Little Big Burger), doughnuts (Blue Star), ramen (Boxer Ramen), fried chicken and biscuits (Son of a Biscuit). So it comes as no surprise to hear they're tapping into the city's current fascination with fancy hot dogs, joining the ranks of purveyors like Stray Dogs and Clutch.

The duo, along with partner Matt Lynch, who is also the GM at all of Camden-Poppe's Portland joints, are launching Hop Dog in May (so named because the hot dogs are boiled in beer) in the renovated building in the West End that will also be home to Bamboo Izakaya #2 and Kure Juice Bar's flagship. No word yet on which beer producer(s) or style(s) they'll use, but steaming, boiling or braising sausages in beer is usually a good thing.

As for what's on those dogs, options run the globe-trotting gamut. There's a classic dog, chili dog, and a Chicago dog, sure, but also a Greek lamb dog and a rotating selection of specials including a Banh Mi dog, Korean dog, Chorizo dog, and Tikka Masala dog. Don't worry vegetarians, they'll have a dog for you, too. All the sausages and franks will be custom-made by a local producer.

To drink, expect a couple beers on tap as well as a selection by the can and bottle.

Hop Dog (opening in May): SW 12th Avenue and SW Stark St., Portland