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Woman Sues Restaurant for Ruining Her Valentine's Day, Seeks $100,000 in Damages

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Hasn't she heard of Yelp?

If only we could all get $100,000 for a date night gone awry. The Oregonian reports that a women who dined alone on Valentine's Day has filed a $100,000 lawsuit against Enzo's Caffe Italiano on Northeast Alberta for rude service.

The article says Kathleen Hampton, who is representing herself, had made a reservation for two but her husband "was still full from lunch and decided not to go." Hampton went anyway, and claims she was forced to wait while couples who arrived after her were seated first. And once she did get a table she says she was ignored. According to the article, "She then told a waitress she was ready to order, but the waitress replied that she would not be taking her order and that Hampton had to leave the restaurant and give up the table."

Hampton apparently doesn't give up easily, and says in the lawsuit that she asked to order a meal to go, but the restaurant said they didn't offer take-out. "That was the final straw," Hampton writes in the lawsuit. "I've never heard of a food place not having to-go."

The restaurant owner, Enzo Lanzadoro, seems perplexed by the allegations, telling The Oregonian: "She made reservation for two and when she got there, said 'oh just by myself.' We offered for her to sit at the bar with other single diners since Valentine's Day is very busy, and all we know is she got up [from the table] and left without paying after she drank two glasses of wine."

In the lawsuit Hampton says she was so "devastated she cried for a day," and is also demanding a public apology in local media "to make sure all business owners on N.E. Alberta know we are serious about our community."

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Enzo's Caffe Italiano

2529 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211 (503) 222-1601