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Tapalaya, Ruby Jewel, Unveil Desserts; The Side Yard Farm Expands

The Side Yard Farm

TAPALAYA—After Chef Ahn Luu's dessert was judged by the Food Network's Chopped panel as the best dish of the night during her appearance on the show earlier this month, Luu decided to introduce that dish to her menu—and to our mouths. The dessert, naturally called The Best Dish of the Night, is a fried biscuit plate that incorporates serrano chiles, mint, salted caramel and a coconut and lime apple compote. Now playing nightly.

RUBY JEWEL—For just eight short days, ice cream makers Lisa Herlinger and Becky Burnett are showing off their limited edition passover ice creams. From April 3 to 11, curious snackers can try a pair of scoops using ingredients that taste a lot like the annual religious holiday. So get ready for charoset (a reduced apple cider vinegar and Manischewitz-flavored ice cream, complete with honey-roasted pistachios) and a vanilla bean ice cream mixed with pistachios and bits of chocolate-covered matzo brittle.

THE SIDE YARD FARM—If you've ever enjoyed a meal at Cocotte, Ned Ludd, Old Salt Marketplace or 23Hoyt, chances are you've enjoyed produce harvested by Stacey Givens' The Side Yard Farm & Kitchen. Over the weekend, she doubled her acreage and by opening a newly revamped farm that this year will be home to weekly summer kids camps (where youngsters harvest and prepare their own vegetable dishes), poultry slaughter and Cob Oven workshops, monthly bike-in summer movie nights, and a pair of ongoing series for monthly brunches and suppers.


28 Northeast 28th Avenue, , OR 97232 (503) 232-6652 Visit Website

Ruby Jewel Scoops Downtown

428 SW 12th Avenue, Portland, OR 97205 971 271 8895 Visit Website

Ruby Jewel Scoops

3713 N Mississippi, Portland, OR 97217 503 505 9314 Visit Website