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Bit House: The Ergonomics Of Tap Craft Cocktails

Get ready to say, “Hello!” to fast, efficient craft cocktails, because Bit House is putting the entropy of preparing drinks on notice.

Sam Churchill

Nobody likes a line—well, maybe for brunch—but nobody, and we mean nobody wants to wait more than a couple of minutes for a drink. Sure, we understand if the bartender's making a stellar craft cocktail for us, or if we notice he or she is in the weeds. Then we understand the wait, and we accept it.

But Bit House is fixing to soon change all of that.

As The Oregonian's Michael Russell first reported last week, Bit House will open this summer in a refurbished space that, until recently, was home to the decades-old East Bank Saloon.

The folks behind the bar are so far mum on the menu—only that its opening menu will be designed by Dustin Clark, the last executive chef at the now-shuttered and desperately missed Wildwood.

What was made clear is that we can expect craft cocktails that will be ready in just a couple of minutes, rather than 10.

The idea is to barrel-age certain liquors and spray them out through a tap system, thus eliminating multiple jiggerings for the most ingredient-heavy recipes.

And it all sounds like a sound plan—the space will have capacity for as many as 200 of you, and by building in and dialing in such energy-saving steps, the folks behind the bar are taking are aiming make sure you're happy by having your drink quickly, and that they, themselves, won't get insanely overwhelmed when the other 199 patrons are waiting for their drinks.

Set your watches, Portland, but don't forget to pace yourself.

Bit House, 727 SE Grand Ave.

Bit House Saloon

727 Southeast Grand Avenue, , OR 97214 (503) 954-3913 Visit Website

Bit House

727 Southeast Grand Avenue, Portland, OR 97214, USA