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Will In-N-Out Expand North of Medford?

Short answer: Possibly. Maybe. Some day.

courtesy of In-N-Out Burger

Per Medford's Mail Tribune, an executive at California's famed In-N-Out Burger chain says the company may have its eyes set on other Oregon locations north of Medford—especially now that the chain has established its own supply line, which is crucial to its business practices.

From reporter Damian Mann's Tribune story:

Medford could be the first of many In-N-Out Burger restaurants to open in Oregon, a spokesman for the company said.

"As far as other Oregon sites are concerned, eventually we'd like to open more restaurants, but, again, it is just too early to project any other sites besides Medford," Carl Van Fleet, vice president of planning and development for In-N-Out, wrote in an email.

The popular hamburger chain, which started in Southern California, is planning to build a restaurant on the north side of the Rogue Valley Mall at the site of a recently demolished Shell service station.

When—or where—other Oregon franchises might pop up is anyone's guess. But based on Mann's reporting, In-N-Out hasn't denied wanting to expand further into Oregon.

It may take a while to know for sure how this will play out, but stay tuned anyway.

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