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Kachka’s Seder Plates; Cocotte’s Honey Brunch; Son of a Biscuit’s Biscuit Week Flavors

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Dina Avila

KACHKA—For just two days—April 3 and 4—chef Bonnie Morales will be making matzoh ball chicken soup to ring in passover. Even more impressive, she'll also be preparing carry-out Seder plates which will be loaded with a lamb chop, beet purée, English peas, parsley roots (fried, chipped and served as a confit), a 6-minute egg and a sour cherry-rhubarb-hazelnut charoset. You'll need to place your order by emailing her——but after that, all you need to do is swing by the shop any time after 4 p.m., on April 3 or 4.

COCOTTE—Chef Kat LeSueur is teaming up Annie Moss and Katia Bezerra-Clark—and the owners of the upcoming Seastar Bakery—for a 4-course April 19 "Honey Brunch." Course items will include a honey drinking porridge, honey-baked beans (with cornbread, and a slice of pan-fried pizza), spicy farm greens with a honey-mustard vinaigrette and grilled halloumi cheese, and, for the final course, honey-cured bacon, a fried egg, tomato jam, padron peppers and a Seastar biscuit. Mead-infused cocktails will also be made available. Tickets for each seat cost $50. Need one? Click here.

SON OF A BISCUIT—National Buttermilk Biscuit Day is six weeks away, but that hasn't stopped Micah Camden and Katie Poppe from letting Portland know they they plan on celebrating that day for a full week with a quartet of specially flavored buttermilk biscuits. Starting on May 14 and lasting though the 21st, Son of a Biscuit will be offering the following roster of baked goods: tapenade-caramelized fennel biscuits, apple-lavender biscuits, smoked strawberry-chèvre biscuits and Tillamook cheddar biscuits with pickled peppers and mustard.

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