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John Taboada Helps Japanese Store Recreate Navarre Restaurant

Shauna Lydon/Flickr

In the latest installment of Japan -hearts- Portland, Eat Beat brings word that John Taboada, chef-owner of Navarre on SE 28th Ave., has helped launch a recreation of his restaurant — complete with vintage cookbooks on shelves and crates of produce on chairs — in the lifestyle store Niko And..., which is located in the trendy Harajuku district of Tokyo.

It's kind of a head-scratcher. Free-spirited Navarre is not the first place that comes to mind when we think of Japanese caricatures of Portland restaurants. But then again, with it's CSA-based menu and DIY preserves, it is very Portland. According to the article, Taboada is leasing the "Navarre logo and spirit," and he's consulting on the menu, but he doesn't own any part of it.

In addition to helping the store recreate Navarre, Taboada has offered his recipes for signature dishes including crab cakes, roasted mushrooms, and chocolate mousse. And ingredients come from Tokyo-area growers.

【NEWS】 1/20(tue) 〜‼︎ niko and ... tokyo 2F ポートランドから初上陸のレストランnavarre(ナヴァー)の「DINNER MENU」が新しくなります。 看板メニューの「ナヴァーチキン」¥780 に加え、脂肪分の少ない牛のササミにカリカリネギとハーブバターをトッピングした「フランクステーキとカリカリネギ」¥880 や「トラウトサーモンのプロシュート巻」¥880 など10品目の”NEW MENU”が加わります。 お飲み物も口当たりのいい「自然派ワイン」¥600〜や「Organic juice」¥600〜が始まりました。 是非、ご来店下さいませ。 ☞ Dinner Order 17:00〜 ☞ L.O 21:00 close 22:00 #nikoandtokyo #navarre #tokyo #harajyuku

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