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The Country Cat's Adam and Jackie Sappington Destroy Competition on Chopped

The dynamic duo bring home the bacon with chocolate-toffee bacon.

Portland knows Adam and Jackie Sappington are a force to be reckoned with, but last night their opponents on the Food Network's reality cooking competition Chopped didn't know what hit them.

It was the first time the show featured couples as competing teams. The Sappingtons were up against a young duo who owns a Spanish tapas restaurant and another who operates a Cajun/crawfish boil food truck, both in New York, and another couple who run a spa restaurant in Arizona. But the chef/owners of The Country Cat, longtime veterans of the Portland food scene who have cooked together for 19 years, seriously smashed the competition in every round with their buttermilk-fried "rocky mountain oysters," "sexy" pan-fried soft-shell crabs, and Canadian bacon chocolate-toffee bark, to take home $10,000.

"When you partner up with someone you love," says Adam on the show, "you can pretty much conquer anything in the world."

So what will they do with the money?  "We're taking the boys to Europe," Adam tells us. If you missed the show you can watch it here on YouTube for a fee, or wait until it airs again on Thursday, March 12 at 7 p.m.

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