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Ecotrust Selling Edible Portland, Last Issue on Newsstands Now

The nonprofit says they're "letting go."

Of all the many cities that produce an Edible Communities magazine, Portland has always seemed like the epitome of the brand's target audience. We're surrounded by local, sustainable, family farms, we're bursting with farm-to-table restaurants, we have a strong DIY culture. It's unthinkable that Portland, of all places, wouldn't be part of the Edible pantheon, but Good Stuff Northwest brings us startling news: Ecotrust announced to its advertisers that the Spring 2015 edition of Edible Portland will be its last.

The Portland-based nonprofit has been the publisher of Edible Portland for eight years, but they've recently embarked on some ambitious new projects and decided it was time to streamline. In their email they write:

Recently, we purchased a massive 1918 warehouse in inner Southeast Portland called The Redd on Salmon Street. The Redd is part of an evolution of Ecotrust's food systems work: We are tackling how to scale up better food so it becomes more affordable, but also strengthens communities and benefits the land. Part of this change is letting go of some of the projects that have been central to our work — like Edible Portland.

This doesn't necessarily mean Edible Portland is dead, but it does mean that there won't be another issue until they find a new publisher to buy the magazine. "There will likely be a hiatus in publishing for Summer," they write, "but we hope to find the magazine a new home soon."

Meanwhile, the final issue under Ecotrust's editorial leadership will be on newsstands tomorrow, March 6, and it's focused on "Oregon's risk-takers and innovators."