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Be Mesmerized by Super Fast Videos of Chefs Breaking Down Whole Animals

Mad skillz.

Little Green Pickle

If you've ever filleted your own salmon or deboned your own chicken, you know it takes patience, skill and practice (not to mention a sharp knife) to do it right, with a minimum of waste.

But that's all small-time compared to what some Portland chefs and butchers do every day, filleting a halibut as big as a dog, or breaking down whole hogs into primal cuts. Sure, these videos are all sped up, but it's still impressive — and mesmerizing.

First up is Ringside Fish House executive chef David Ezelle, who breaks down a nearly 60-pound halibut.

Now watch as Clyde Common executive chef Carlo Lamagna breaks down an entire pig into its primal cuts.

Clyde Common

1014 Southwest Harvey Milk Street, , OR 97205 (503) 228-3333 Visit Website

RingSide Fish House

838 Southwest Park Avenue, , OR 97205 (503) 227-3900 Visit Website