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Ava Gene’s Chef Joshua McFadden Goes All In For Angel Food And Fun

Oregon is home to a lot of restaurants, bars, wineries and breweries, but there are tons of hidden gems that the majority of Portlanders aren't unearthing. To help guide us to these potential discoveries, we've enlisted some of our city's many food players to share their recommendations for a recurring feature we call Dining Confidential.


It's not surprising to hear that Ava Gene's chef Joshua McFadden likes to stop by The Woodsman Tavern — Ave Gene's older brother — when his shift ends for what he calls one of the best burgers in the city. But when pressed to think of something a little more off the beaten path, one favorite immediately comes to mind: Angel Food and Fun.

The no-frills, brightly colored Yucatecan taco joint is best known for its panuchos, or bean-stuffed deep-fried tacos. It's been an underground hit ever since former Bluehour chef Manuel Lopez took ownership of the place a couple of years back.

"Every time I go in there, I eat a gajillion tacos, but I always get a torta to go for later,"  says McFadden.

And he doesn't discriminate between chicken, steak or braised pork tacos because, at $1.50 a pop, he doesn't have to. And while he says the tamales are great, and calls the empanadas "awesome," the tacos, and that post-shift torta, always do the trick.

Angel Food and Fun: 5135 NE 60th Ave., Portland; 503-287-7909

Angel Food and Fun Mexican Restaurant

5135 NE 60th Ave, Portland, OR 97218 (503) 287-7909