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Portland Looms Large in Beer Documentary to be Released This Summer

Watch the trailer for "It All Starts With Beer."

Last year, 10 Dutch brewers came to Portland to collaborate, learn, share and explore with the region's many craft brewers, and to try to pinpoint the special culture here that has helped our craft beer scene thrive. The brewers documented their journey in "It All Starts with Beer." According to the film's website: "This documentary shows why Portland became so much ahead in the craft beer revolution, thinking and acting sustainably, supporting local producers and having such a strong (beer) community. This inspired us and we hope these ideas set the same spark in the Netherlands too."

The New School reports that the film was produced by Rick Nelson of Oedipus Brewing, and it will hopefully be screened at the 2015 Oregon Brewers Festival in July. Check out the trailer.

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