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Burgerville by the Numbers: Cheeseburgers Originally Cost 89 Cents

It's time for Power Hour, when we spend a full 60 minutes dedicated to one topic, and one topic only. In honor of Burger Week, we're dedicating the hour to beloved local burger chain Burgerville. Next up, some historical data to chew on.

Courtesy of Burgerville

Established in 1961, Burgerville has been operating for more than 50 years

The first Burgerville opened in Vancouver, WA.

Prices for the original menu were 89 cents for a hamburger, 99 cents for a cheeseburger, 79 cents for small fries, and $1.29 for a milkshake

There are 40 locations in the Washington and Oregon area, with the newest addition in the PDX airport, which opened last year in May.

They employ more than 1,300 people across Oregon and Washington.

They have served more than 80 million guests — and counting.