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Burgerville by the Numbers: Chain Goes Through 1.5 Million Pounds of Ground Beef Annually

It's time for Power Hour, when we spend a full 60 minutes dedicated to one topic, and one topic only. In honor of Burger Week, we're dedicating the hour to beloved local burger chain Burgerville. Here now, a by-the-numbers glimpse of the chain's inner workings.


The seasonal Walla Walla onion rings have the largest cult-like following. Rumor has it that some guests have arranged family vacations around the onion season just to hit up Burgerville. Onion season usually starts in July and ends around Labor day.

They go through almost 200,000 pounds of Tillamook cheese per year, that includes four varieties: the medium cheddar, medium white, pepper jack, and swiss.

American cheese is actually slightly more popular than the Tillamook medium cheddar. Per year, they use 150,000 pounds of the Tillamook to 170,000 pounds of Schreiber American slices.

This could be due to the fact that the most popular menu item, by far, is the Original Cheeseburger, which comes with American cheese by default.

They use more than 260,000 pounds of original spread per year, which equals to about 36 cars in weight.

When it comes to beef vs. non-beef (bean patties), guests opt for hamburgers 25% of the time, whereas the veggie burger is only 1% of the time, making the hamburger king at 25 times more popular than the non-meat variety.

They use one and a half million pounds of ground beef annually from Country Natural Beef.

They go through nearly 8,000 pounds of potatoes per day, which works out to about 3 million pounds per year.

Over 70,000 pints of locally farmed strawberries and raspberries are used in milkshakes and smoothies in June and July each year.

Nearly 3 million milkshakes and smoothies are served per year.