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Ataula’s Angel Teta Heads To Yakuza Lounge For Her Hangover Burger

With Burger Week coming to a close and the weekend about to begin, we realized there's one category of burger we haven't examined yet: the hangover burger. So we tapped some of the city's bartenders for a Dining Confidential Power Hour, in which they'll tell us which burgers are best for shaking off the ill effects of an epic night.

In just the last year alone, Angel Teta has proven she's a bartending force to be reckoned with. The bar manager at Ataula has taken home Seattle's Speed Rack crown the past two years and was voted in as Eater PDX's 2014 Bartender of the Year.

Now, she admits that she's not really a burger eater, but when she craves one after a long Saturday night out, she sleeps in, then heads straight to Yakuza Lounge.

"So I never actually eat burgers, but when I do, I only eat the Yakuza burger.

Generally, after a long week of shaking the cocktails, Sunday is a day of respite and recovery. This leads to a late wake-up time and an early-bird craving of food, so I settle myself up to the bar at Yakuza where Julie, the bar manager, always knows what will cure my ails. Generally, that's a cocktail, edamame, and that amazing burger."


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