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Raven & Rose’s David Shenaut Cures His Hangover Blues With A Besaw’s Breakfast Burger

With Burger Week coming to a close and the weekend about to begin, we realized there's one category of burger we haven't examined yet: the hangover burger. So we tapped some of the city's bartenders for a Dining Confidential Power Hour, in which they'll tell us which burgers are best for shaking off the ill effects of an epic night.


When it comes to craft cocktails in this town, there's not much David Shenaut hasn't done. He co-founded Portland Cocktail Week and has worked behind the stick at this city's best bars, including Teardrop Lounge, Kask, Rum Club and the now-shuttered Riffle NW. He's currently running the show at Raven & Rose, where he's initiated a progressive spirits program where he barrel-ages whiskeys, brandies and tequilas and stirs them into a heaping handful of classic-inspired cocktails.

But it's not all work all the time, and when he's had too much fund the night before, Shenaut heads over to Besaw's for their grass-fed beef Breakfast Burger, complete with bacon, cheddar and a sunny side up duck egg.

"Besaws is the spot when I need some afternoon recovery, they put a lot of energy into sourcing local ingredients and they don't hold back on the fat. The fries served with this burger come tossed with whole cloves of roasted garlic. The eggs are legit—break the yolk and you'll see that these ducks have plenty of access to dirt and worms. Sharp white cheddar and fluffy brioche hit the spot. Wash it down with local beer and you are good to go."


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Raven & Rose

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