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Stumptown Launches Cold Brew Nitro in a Can

Smooth and rich, cold-brewed java on nitro is the Cadillac of iced coffee, and now you can get it in a can.

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Stumptown Coffee has added a new product to its line of cold brews, and it's another game-changer. In 2011, the company introduced stubby bottles of straight up cold-brew coffee, steeped for 12 hours and double strained. In January 2014 it added cartons of cold brew blended with sweetened milk, and then two months ago it added chocolate milk. Today it announced that it has unleashed its cold brew in a more travel-friendly can — and the coffee is infused with nitrogen for a super creamy effect.

Stumptown first introduced nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee on tap in its cafes in 2013. It pours like a Guinness, with a foamy head and millions of teeny bubbles that make it feel silky and rich. But now you can pack up that caffeinated goodness and take it on the road. The cans are available at Stumptown cafes. Check out the oddball promo video, filmed in Portland, which includes goat cameos.

Nitro Cold Brew in a Can from Stumptown Coffee Roasters on Vimeo.

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