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John Eisenhart Leaves Pazzo After 11 Years to Become Executive Chef at Nel Centro

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After more than a decade in the kitchen at Pazzo Ristorante, Eisenhart has moved on.

Nel Centro

Chef John Eisenhart was with Pazzo restaurant for so long, it's almost unimaginable that he would be cooking anywhere else. But after 11 years at the downtown restaurant in the newly renovated Hotel Vintage Portland, he's moved a few blocks south to take over the executive chef position at Nel Centro.

Eisenhart, who once worked as sous chef at Mario Batali's Babbo in Manhattan, has been at Nel Centro for a month, says chef/owner David Machado. "John is making his first additions this week to our new spring menu and I am very happy."

In a blog post on Nel Centro's website, Eisenhart gives a clue as to why he made the move: "I am probably most excited about the freedom and creative support that is being given to me at Nel Centro. I also appreciate working for an owner that is a chef himself. I consider this a refreshing change since it is becoming more unusual these days in larger restaurants."

Nel Centro

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