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Portland Gets a New Asian Street Food Cart; Cackalack's Goes Brick-and-Mortar

Welcome to Cartwire, in which we round up the latest news from the ever-changing world of Portland food carts.

Bing Mi!/Facebook

Asian Street Food — A newcomer to downtown's SW 9th and Alder cart pod, Bing Mi! opened in January and serves up Chinese crepes called jian bing. The popular street food is a giant crepe filled with egg, Asian sauces like hoisin, black bean, and chile paste, plus herbs, pickled vegetables and crispy wonton crackers.

New Addition to Airport — The roving Bro Dogs truck recently spun off a cart at PDX airport. Before your departure you can now tuck into a "dirty" burger or over-the-top sausage, and maybe that full stomach will make it a little bit easier to sleep on the plane.

Cackalacks Goes MicroCackalacks Hot Chicken Shack has expanded into brick-and-mortar territory with a micro-restaurant at Bethany Village. The opening last month makes this its third location. You can also find the spicy fried chicken sandwiches at the Good Food Here pod and the Rose City Food Park on Sandy.

New Vegan Option — A new addition to the cart pod at the corner of Washington and 3rd Street, Juniper is an all-vegan and gluten-free cart serving up made-from-scratch fare like super-food smoothies and hearty plant-based dishes. According to Eat Beat, it's run by five women with a passion for healthy food and the kitchen experience to back it up.

Zenbu Expands — The popular Sellwood sushi cart, Zenbu, is planning to add a second outpost come summer. The owners are not yet sure where they will park their big green truck, but expect to find the same flavorful rolls, Asian-inspired hot plates, and spicy chicken wings.