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Learn How The Bread Lab is Connecting Farmers, Millers and Bakers

The WSU breeding program is changing our PB&J for the better.

The Bread Lab is on a mission to make the baguettes, boules and buns we eat taste even better. And in the process, it's making it easier for mid-size family farms and independent grain millers to make a living, and giving local bakers access to game-changing grains.

The small, 600-square-foot lab is part of Washington State University's Mount Vernon Research Center plant breeding program, and it's the subject of this short but highly informative video from Grist. The lab works with local farmers to develop and test new varieties of specialty wheat that they can sell to local mills like Camas Country Mill in Eugene, thereby cutting out the middle-man and giving local bakeries like Grand Central inspiration to develop new products. It's like a happy, bread-based ecosystem. Take a look: