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Astoria's Iconic Custard King Drive-In Will Be Reborn in June

The old roadside stand is getting an overhaul, plus a new menu.

Custard King/Facebook

Anyone who has traveled through Astoria has likely seen the dilapidated pink Custard King sign and wished the place could be restored to its 1950s grandeur — with kick-ass burgers and shakes to go with it. That wish is about to be granted.

Eat Beat reports that KNRK radio host Greg Glover, a frequent traveler to Astoria, has rallied two knowledgeable friends to join him in purchasing the old burger joint and bring it back to life. Glover, Franz Spielvogel, who owns Laughing Planet, and real estate broker David Demers, announced the purchase of the business in April, and are in the process of restoring the 1950s drive-in. On the menu will be cheeseburgers, sweet potato fries, Tater Tots, salads, floats, shakes, and housemade frozen custard in chocolate and vanilla flavors.

The team hopes to have the new and improved Custard King open in June, and they promise to keep posting its progress on its Facebook page.

Custard King, 1597 Commercial St., Astoria