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Lardo Launches New Cocktails; Shift Drinks Sets New Opening Date

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Booze news you can use.


COCKTAIL PARTY — Rick Gencarelli of Lardo has enlisted the help of Justin Siemer, former bar manager of Racion, to create a new cocktail list for his three locations.The new lineup will be unveiled at a launch party Friday, May 15, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Hawthorne location. Even better, Siemer will be serving the cocktails himself from the old Lardo cart, which is parked on the lot for special occasions like this. The cocktails, which will officially hit Lardo menus on Sunday, include:

  • Dirty Boots: Old Medley Brothers Bourbon, Bread & Butter Pickle Brine, Lime, Ginger
  • Whiter Shade of Pale: El Dorado White Rum, Jalapeno, Galangal, Thai Basil, Mint, Coconut, Lime
  • Dusty Springfield: Pueblo Viejo Blanco Tequila, Grapefruit, Sage, Lime, Lardo Lager
  • Green Earrings: Beefeater Gin, Green Tea, Green Cardamom, Apricot, Lemon, Rose Water
  • Strawberry Alarm Clock: Monopolowa Vodka, Strawberry, Rosemary, Balsamic

SHIFT DRINKS — Anthony Garcia and Alise Moffatt are busy putting the final touches on Shift Drinks, their big new bar in the Terminal Sales building, and they recently announced a new opening date of Monday May 18. However, Garcia cautions prospective drinkers to check the bar's website or Instagram account before heading over. Garcia says service will be paramount at the bar, and he cringes at the idea of anyone wasting a trip and showing up to a locked door. "Our branding indicates that this is an industry bar," he wrote to us in an email. "We're a little different insofar as we will be executing a high level of service, celebrating Portland's rich hospitality scene and taking great pleasure in treating our own as royalty. This won't be your divey, surly industry hang out."