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Owners of Burrasca Food Cart Launch Kickstarter

Chef Paolo Calamai served up some of the city's best Italian food from a cart. Now he and his wife are aiming to go brick and mortar.


Florentine chef Paolo Calamai's authentic Tuscan dishes were too good to be contained in a tiny cart. So it came as no surprise when Calamai and his wife, Elizabeth Petrosian, announced in December that they were planning to sell the cart and take Burrasca brick and mortar.

Their full-service Burrasca will focus on Tuscan cuisine, but with more dishes like appetizers, pastas and desserts.

To help make it happen, they launched a Kickstarter last week. Their goal is to raise $12,000 to buy equipment, furnishings, and inventory. The rewards range from recipes, T-shirts and free food, to wacky photos, videos and voicemail messages. There's even translation, editing and geneology help courtesy of the bilingual Petrosian, a professional writer.

Though they haven't yet found a space, Petrosian says they're close, and wanted to get the Kickstarter funds in place. Stay tuned to find out where they land.