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Look Inside Long-Awaited Renata, Which is Secretly Open Now

The wood-fired restaurant with the fine dining pedigree is finally open.

Here's what you need to know about Renata:

  1. It's owned by two fine dining veterans, the husband and wife team of Sandra and Nick Arnerich, who worked at French Laundry, among other high-profile institutions.
  2. The kitchen is helmed by Matt Sigler, an alum of some of San Francisco's top Italian kitchens, including Flour and Water, Salumeria, and Quince.
  3. The contemporary Italian menu emphasizes from-scratch pastas, pizzas, breads and salumi. And almost everything gets cooked in the wood-fired grill and wood-fired oven.
  4. The seasonal cocktail menu was built by Daniel Shoemaker and Sean Hoard, the masterminds behind the Commissary.
  5. It's open right now. Yes, although the official opening date is June 1, Renata is for all intents and purposes fully open, although they're calling it a soft-opening phase with limited reservations.

Of course, there are a bunch of other interesting details, like it's pretty much Portland's most highly anticipated restaurant, even though (or maybe because) it's a year overdue.

Also, the restaurant takes up about 3,000 square feet of the newly renovated 10,000-square-foot building, which is also home to Ancient Heritage dairy and a soon-to-open second ouptost of Alma Chocolate. There's also a sweet outdoor patio.

And the prep kitchen is intended to double as a space for classes, while the small event space for private dinners doubles as a small artisan goods market. It's outfitted with whimsically nautical wallpaper and a long, wood communal table by Made. Actually some of the tables in the main dining room are notable as well. They're sort of an interesting take on communal dining, with six-tops jutting off from a central hub.

Take a look tour through the gallery. And if you can't wait to try it, don't. Renata is ready for you.

Renata: 626 SE Main St., Portland; 503-954-2708. Hours until June 1: Monday - Saturday 5 p.m. On June 15th Renata will begin lunch service Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.