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Chef Anthony Cafiero Closing Racion May 30

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The unstuffy modernist restaurant downtown will hopefully re-emerge in some form on the east side later this year.


Chef Anthony Cafiero started Racion as a pop up back in the summer of 2012, bringing Spanish-infused modernist cuisine to the masses. Less than a year later, it was a full-fledged, 30-seat Chefstable-backed restaurant earning high praise for its playful plates and cocktails. But Willamette Week reports that after just over two years in operation, Cafiero is pulling the plug and closing Racion on May 30.

Although you have just a few more days to visit the restaurant in its current location, this doesn't mean it's the last you'll see of Cafiero's modernist cuisine. He says he's looking for a more intimate space on the east side, and after a brief break he hopes to reopen a new version of Racion within the year. As for what the second iteration will be, he tells Willamette Week that he's batting around a few ideas, including going all-in on the a la carte menu, or putting the focus on the bar.


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