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Taqueria Nueve Launching Taco Cart with Spit-Roasted Al Pastor Tacos

Look for the cart out front of T9 this summer.


Real al pastor tacos, the ones that make your mouth water and your knees buckle, are made from spiced pork piled on a pineapple-topped vertical spit, where the fruit's juices bathe the meat while it roasts for hours. It's hard to find the real deal in Portland, but this summer it's going to get a lot easier. The Oregonian reports that Taqueria Nueve will open a taco and torta cart outside the restaurant early this summer, serving al pastor meat off the rotisserie, plus barbacoa, chicken, and Baja-style fried fish.

The cart will offer lunch service Tuesday to Friday, and possibly Saturday. Check Taqueria Nueve's Facebook page for opening updates. And if you stop into the restaurant early in June, you might snag a free work-in-progress al pastor taco as they finalize the recipe.

Taqueria Nueve (T9)

727 SE Washington St, Portland, OR 97214