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The St. Helens Pub, Formerly Known as The Bitter End, Has Closed its Doors

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The tavern near Providence Park just underwent a revamp last month.

Courtesy of Dwayne Beliakoff

A year and a half ago, Dwayne Beliakoff (formerly of Violetta) and his partner Jonathan Cobbs bought The Bitter End, a 15-year-old dive bar and Timbers Army favorite near Providence Park, with the aim of turning it into a tavern for the neighborhood, not just a watering hole for soccer fans on their way to a game.

But after a big remodel and solid food and drink upgrade, the pub at 1981 W. Burnside was still only packed on Timbers and Thorns game days. "I know a lot of neighborhood bars are used to that. There's a place for it. But we just rehabbed the space a year ago, and it's not enough," Beliakoff told us last month. So in April he and Cobbs tried a different approach, rebranding the pub as The St. Helens, downplaying the sports paraphernalia and giving the decor and menu a vintage Northwest vibe.

However, it seems this last-ditch effort hasn't panned out. After just a month as the St. Helens, the pub has permanently closed and there's a "For Lease" sign in the window.