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Back Pedal Brewing Co. Aims For June Beer Release

The brewpub will be home to 18 taps, include three rotating Back Pedal brews.

A couple of years ago, BrewCycle's Andrea Lins decided to turn an unassuming space on a quiet little street into a bar and pub where where NW Flanders dead-ends into freeway. The idea was to provide her BrewCycle riders a place to stretch out before or after a ride.

But earlier this year, her brother, Christopher Lins, thought why not turn the space into a nano-brewery, since bike-touring breweries is sorta their thing.

So he tore out the kitchen and put in a 3.5-barrel system, which his head brewer's firing up this weekend. Those first batches of Back Pedal Brewing Co. brews will come in blond, IPA and IRA flavors, and will rotate in and out once the brewer starts introducing other styles of beer.

As to whom that brewer is, Lins is keeping mum. He says he can't announce him just yet. But he added that you can meet him when Back Pedal releases its first brews during the first week of June.

And don't worry about food. Even though the kitchen's been gutted, Back Pedal will be nestled between 10 Barrel Brewing and Khao San which, depending on your mood, will deliver pizzas and burgers or green papaya salads and pad kee mao right to you table.

Back Pedal Brewing Co., 1425 NW Flanders St., Ste. A