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Shift Drinks Bar Will Also Be Portland's Late Night Bottle Shop

The proprietors of the upcoming downtown bar get OLCC approval to sell wine and beer to go.


Shift Drinks, the downtown bar slated to open in the Terminal Sales Building in less than two weeks, is adding bottle shop to its list of amenities.

In addition to the full-service bar complete with power strips for recharging phones, and upstairs event space kitted out with a micro kitchen, Shift Drinks now has an OLCC license to sell off-premise wines and beers, which means you can take your "shift drink" to go until 2:30 a.m.

Co-proprietor and sommelier Anthony Garcia, who is in charge of the wine program along with Caryn Benke, an advanced sommelier, says they wanted to give industry workers who get off late, and visitors staying in hotels downtown, a place where they can pop in late at night and get a great bottle of wine or Champagne to take with them.

Sure, you can stop into a 24-hour grocery store, but Garcia says they plan to have a "dope wine list" that includes more interesting bottles, plus Champagne and vermouths. "Selling a finely curated, nerdy list of wine to go until 2:30 in the morning makes Shift Drinks the latest open wine retail shop in Portland," he says.  Even better, "All bottles for consumption off-premise are priced at $10 off."