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It’s Official: Cana Flug Is Keeping The Besaw’s Name

The new and improved Besaw’s could open by late summer in a location that’s just a stone’s throw from the original spot.


After months of legal wrangling, Besaw's owner Cana Flug has reached a settlement with developers C.E. John over who keeps the Besaw's name going forward.

In a way, both will: C.E. John can still call his future development—which includes the former 112-year-old Besaw's space—the Besaw's building, but Flug will take the Besaw's name, brand, logo and history with her when she relocates the restaurant to a new space just a few blocks away.

Flug's keeping mum on exactly where the new Besaw's will land, but she says she nearly finished with the design, and says she could sign the new lease as early as the end of this week.

The settlement ends months of contention, some of it fierce: Earlier this month, GoLocalPDX reported that C.E. John landlord Jim John likened Flug's removal of remnants of the property was like "Isis and Syria."

Those remnants—an awning, vintage glass and the restaurant bar's original barstools and lights—will migrate to the new Besaw's when it opens later this summer.

As for the food, Flug says regulars should expect more of the same.

"It's a new bean," Flug says, "but we're going to stay true to who we are, and just offer good food.

Stay tuned to see where Besaw's winds up next.


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