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Mobile Ice Cream Trike, Pedal Parlor, Heads To NE Portland

They just scored 9,000 Kickstarter dollars to make it happen.

Morgan St Theater

Jared Goodman, the man behind the monthly Morgan St Theater ice cream pop-up concept, says it's very likely that he'll be tricycling some of his homemade ice creams to different northeast neighborhoods as early as the second week in July. The new Kickstarter-funded Pedal Parlor trike lets Goodman transport ice cream to the people. Previously, Morgan St Theater pop-ups were held primarily in Goodman's home kitchen.

Goodman's treats will include Jacobsen sea salt-sprinkled peanut butter bon bons, floats made with Goodman's homemade fresh fruit sodas, seasonal vegan fruit sorbets, and rotating scoop combos like chocolate with rosemary, hazelnuts or, possibly, mushrooms. "Really, if you can find it at the farmers' market, you'll find it in the ice cream," adds Goodman.

As of now, regular Saturday appearances at Woodlawn Farmers' Market are on the books. Other expected regular stops include the grassy alley adjacent to Beast, the intersection near the soon-to-open Handsome Pizza and right outside Portland Pairings, where you'll be able to pair your scoops with glasses of deliberately chosen wines.

Goodman also says to expect his monthly thematic pop-up ice cream storytelling series to carry on, as well. In fact, he has a flurry of July events coming up, including a 100 percent gluten-free experience at a home in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood, another at The Side Yard Farm's upcoming summer bike-in movie night, and a third munchies-themed pop-up at the end of July to honor Oregon's legalization of marijuana. Tickets to MST events can be purchased here. Follow Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for exact future dates and times.