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Bungalo Bar On Way Out, To Become The Rambler

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The bar gets a reboot with a new name, new owners and a chill vibe.

Courtesy Bungalo Bar

After eight years wildin' out with hammock swings, floating patio tables, and belligerent punk musicians, Bungalo Bar (née Casa Naranja) —which has come to be something of an Historic Mississippi District establishment — will soon get new owners.

Career bartenders Christian Lee (who hails from some great San Francisco bars) and Christopher Burton are in the process of taking ownership of the bar to turn it into The Rambler. The property is off the market and its sale is pending approval from important people behind desks.

Lee and Burton say The Rambler will have a Southwestern vibe, in both food and cocktails. There has been talk of Frito pie, chili and burgers. While other details are still coming together, Lee said they are focusing on creating a much more comfortable and casual atmosphere than the prior owner. They'll use the address' existing upstairs pool room, and outdoor fire pit, adding in bocce, low-key entertainment and expertly crafted cocktails.

—Jonathan Hall