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Uptown Billiards Opening Spinoff Tavern in Lake Oswego

Tavern on the Kruse will open Monday, June 8.

Tavern on Kruse/Facebook

The Alphabet District's Uptown Billiards Club is spinning off a second location in Lake Oswego, and it's much, much bigger.

Set to open this Monday, June 8, Tavern on Kruse is at least twice the size of Uptown Billiards, and is located in a prime corner spot in the big, new Kruse Village retail and restaurant hub. The space includes a traditional tables, a large communal table, bar seating and a large outdoor patio.

The kitchen will be helmed by Nathan Bates, who has been Uptown Billiards' executive chef for the past five years. He'll oversee both kitchens but will spend most of his time at Tavern on Kruse while Brandon Armstrong, the new chef de cuisine at Uptown, runs the Portland kitchen. The tasting menus will be identical at both locations.