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Burrasca Will Open Tuscan Restaurant on SE Clinton

The food cart favorite has found a permanent home.

Future home of Burrasca restaurant
Future home of Burrasca restaurant

Their Kickstarter still has eight days to go and a little over $2,000 to earn in order to be fully funded, but Burrasca has already signed the lease on a new space.

Chef Paolo Calamai and his wife, Elizabeth Petrosian, shuttered their beloved Italian food cart  over the winter to regroup and raise funds in order to fulfill their dream of making Burrasca a full-service, sit-down restaurant. And now they're closer than ever to making that dream reality. Eat Beat reports that they have taken over the former Blocks' Cafe space at 2032 SE Clinton.

The 40-seat space is a neighborhood gem, with roll-up garage doors and a sunny patio. They say they won't be changing much, and plan to open for lunch and dinner the first week of July. Expect a traditional menu of Tuscan dishes from Calamai's homeland, including cart favorites like the incredible squid inzimino, plus new dishes like artichoke flan. To drink, they'll offer Tuscan wines, beers, grappa, and cocktails.