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Nomad Moves to Shift Drinks; Lil Wares Joins the Lunch Bunch

And Bowery Bagels adds epic hot sauce collection.

Shift Drinks
Shift Drinks

NOMAD AT SHIFT DRINKS — The dynamic duo of Ryan Fox and Allie Matteis have moved their multi-course Nomad PDX supperclub to the brand-new Shift Drinks bar for the month of June. Upstairs in the little mini-restaurant on the mezzanine, they'll craft 10- to 15-course meals on Saturday and Sunday nights, with wine and cocktails available from the Shift Drinks menu. And late on Sundays starting at 9 p.m., you can opt for the dessert-only flight for $29.

LIL WARES' LUNCHSmallwares chef/owner Johanna Ware officially opened her lunch-brunch summer spinoff Lil Wares on June 1. Every day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., the little house across from Smallwares (formerly The Red Fig) serves up some of the most inventive lunch plates in town, from Asian-ish mashups like General Tso's chicken sandwiches to burritos stuffed with braised short ribs, swiss cheese, cauliflower piccalilli, and sweet hot peppers. There's also fresh-pressed juices, slushy cocktails like the grilled pineapple pina colada, and a sunny off-street patio. Lil Wares may only be open for the summer, so catch it while you can at 4537 NE Fremont St.

BAGELS AND HOT SAUCE — Capsicum connoisseurs (and those looking for Father's Day gifts) should make a pilgrimage to Bowery Bagels' new wall of heat dubbed the "Hot Sauce Reserve." Owner Michael Madigan and hot sauce maker Andrew Garrett of NW Elixirs teamed up to collect the best hot sauces from Portland and beyond and put them all in one place. Currently the lineup includes 40 varieties but they have plans to showcase more than 100 by the end of summer, and they include hard-to-find, regional, small-batch sauces. All are available for sampling with Bowery's bagel chips. And if you join the "passbook" program, you get a free bagel and schmear after purchasing 10 different hot sauces.

Bowery Bagels

310 Northwest Broadway, , OR 97209 (503) 227-6674 Visit Website

Shift Drinks

1200 Southwest Morrison Street, , OR 97205 (503) 922-3933 Visit Website