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Five Iced Coffee Mocktails to Try Right Now

Portland's baristas are getting creative with cold brew.

Either/Or Cafe/Facebook

EITHER/ORThis sweet Sellwood cafe is known for its detailed service as well as its ingenious creativity. Case in point, in addition to their bubbly "coffee soda" that combines cold brew, sparkling water and simple syrup, each month they create a new "Dry Coffee Cocktail," and June's version has a tropical vibe. The cold brew is sweetened with demerara sugar, and flavored with hand-squeezed citrus, bitters, and garnished with a fruit-adorned plastic sword. There's even a cocktail umbrella. (8235 SE 13th Ave., Portland)

GOOD COFFEE — You have two beautiful locations to chose from, and two icy ways to enjoy your caffeine. In addition to straight-up summertime cold brew using lighter single-origin coffees, you can go with a seasonal coffee soda made with cold brew spiked with syrups from bartender favorite Commissary. (4747 SE Division St. and 1150 SE 12th Ave., Portland)

BARISTA This iconic Portland chainlet has branched out from the usual cold brew with its refreshingly tart "coffee shrub."  The coffee is spiked with balsamic vinegar, fizzed up with tonic water, and sweetened with a touch of simple syrup and maple syrup. (Multiple locations in Portland.)

CUP AND BARThis brand-new cafe from Trailhead Coffee and Ranger Chocolate loves to put ingenious takes on classic cocktails. The "Cold Fashioned" mixes up cold-brew coffee with bitters and fennel simple syrup on the rocks with an orange and cherry garnish. The Cardamint Julep combines cardamom simple syrup with cold brew, fresh mint and a pint full of crushed ice. And if your tastes lean more decadent, they do ice-creamy cold brew floats. (118 NE MLK Blvd., Portland)

LUC LAC — Concentrated and rich, Vietnamese coffee is like delicious rocket fuel, and at this downtown Vietnamese restaurant, they take the slow-brewed Courier Coffee, carbonate it in house, put it on tap and add smoked salt and orange zest for the Ca Phe Cola. (835 S.W. 2nd Ave, Portland)